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Upcoming Events 

Meditation in the Garden

Prayer Garden at CSL
certain Wednesday's 7pm - 8pm

This summer, our Practitioners will be hosting a prayer/meditation time in our lovely, sacred outdoor prayer garden. All are welcome!

June 20th - Jo Hughes, RScP

July 11th - Art Messing, RScP
July 25th - Diana Anderson, RScP
Aug 8th - Dave Knowles, RScP
Aug 22nd - Lisa Compton, RScP
Sept 5th - Donna Sheedy, RScP
Sept 19th - Loretta Knowles, RScP

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Boise Pridefest Parade
Saturday, June 16th

Join us on June 16, we have the opportunity to stand together for equality and justice for our LBGTQ community as we join together and march in the Boise Pride Parade.

Please join us at 9:00 a.m. in front of the Capital Building and stand for the end to discrimination in all forms for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters!


Wednesday, June 27th   

6:30pm - 9pm
Workshop: Releasing Resentments, Revealing the Inner Diving Light
CSL Sanctuary

This summer workshop is being presented by Practitioners Loretta & Dave Knowles. All are welcome!

A workshop offering practical tools for release and forgiveness. EVERYONE can benefit from more forgiveness in their life!

Love offering gratefully accepted.

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Ongoing Events

A Course in Miracles Noon on Sundays

Weekly study group to deepen your spirituality and expand your understanding of the Course of Miracles.  These classes go beyond intellectual understanding and encourage the active practice of the principles of the Course.

Drumming Circle Friday, July 20th  7pm

CSL Sanctuary

Join Judy Rhodes for prayer, meditation, and healing with an ancient Native American tradition.  

ALL drums are welcome. Please bring your own but Judy provides extra drums to share, including rattles. Judy also brings her "Mother Drum" to use

More info, contact Judy: (208) 794-7107

About Us

Many Paths...One God!


We are a spiritual community that recognizes and celebrates the inherent wholeness in each person.  Founded in 1926 by Dr. Ernest S. Holmes, our teachings are called the Science of Mind.  Religious Science/Science of Mind exists to facilitate the reawakening of each individual’s awareness of the Higher Self: God within.  This Ancient Wisdom/New Thought Teaching is not in opposition to any religious belief or philosophy.  Rather, it embraces the truths of ancient wisdom, the discoveries of modern science and the consistent threads of the world’s great religions for affirmative living.  We honor and embrace all walks of faith and offer practical and definite methods by which each individual can create positive life changes.


    10:00 am
Celebration Service
    10:30 am
Youth Church
  Nursery thru Teens
    10:30 am
    After Service in the Prayer room


10464 West Garverdale Ct., Boise, ID 83704