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Many Way's To Give Back To Your Community


Many Ways to Serve

Are you called to serve and make a positive impact? Join us at The Center for Spiritual Living Boise and become a cherished volunteer in our thriving community. Together, we can create a space of love, compassion, and growth. Whether your passion lies in welcoming others, organizing events, offering tech support, or lending a helping hand, there are countless opportunities to contribute. Help us in areas such as community outreach, youth programs, administrative tasks, or sharing your unique skills. As we humbly invite you to join our family, we welcome the gifts you bring and the connections we'll forge. Together, let's create a world of love and transformation.

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Volunteer Departments

Our dedicated volunteers play an essential role in creating a vibrant and loving spiritual community. We are deeply grateful for their selfless service and unwavering commitment. We are always looking for new volunteers to join us in making a positive impact. There are various ways to serve, from welcoming others with open arms to offering tech support, organizing events, and more. Explore the different opportunities below and find the area that resonates with you. If you're ready to contribute and be a part of something meaningful, we invite you to submit a volunteer request at the bottom of this page.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi

Together, let's continue to uplift souls, inspire hearts, and co-create a nurturing environment that empowers spiritual growth and positive change. Thank you for considering joining our dedicated team of volunteers.


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JJ Bullock


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Kathie McClean


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Rev. Jackie Holland


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Rob Compton



Beth Embrose


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Deborah Whitman


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Cheryl Hudon


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Donna Sheedy


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Mary Borg


Tell Us How You'd Like To Serve!

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Why We're Here

As a spiritual community, we are dedicated to creating an environment where we recognize, honor and celebrate God, the Love intelligence within all life.  We awaken through prayer, meditation, study and revelation to our spiritual Truth; that we are one with God.  We embody this not only as a theory, but as a way of being in our everyday lives.  Through New Thought/Ancient Wisdom teachings, and a complete dependence on unconditional Love as a guiding power, our aim is nothing short of the total acceptance of the joy, abundance and freedom that is the Truth of our very being.

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