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"Embracing Change: A Springtime Revival of the Self"

Greetings, beloved spiritual family!

As spring breathes life into the world around us, we witness the vibrant hues of blossoming flowers, the enchanting symphony of chirping birds, and the earthy scent of rain-kissed soil.

Nature, in her timeless wisdom, unfolds a beautiful display of transformation and renewal.

Yet, for many of us, this season of rebirth brings a familiar life challenge to the forefront - resistance to change.

Change, though a constant companion, can often seem like an uninvited guest.

It disrupts our comfort zones, shakes the very foundations of our perceived stability, and ushers us into the unknown.

But, as the seed embraces the breakage of its shell to sprout into a magnificent tree, we too must befriend change to experience our own blossoming.

Navigating this journey of transformation doesn't have to be strenuous.

Here are three demonstrable steps, imbued with the wisdom of the Science of Mind, to help you gracefully embrace change.

Step 1: Acknowledge

The first step is acknowledging your resistance.

Imagine you're walking through a forest.

You come across a fallen log blocking your path.

Would you ignore it, or recognize it?

Just as you would acknowledge the log, acknowledge your fears and anxieties.

They are not your enemies, but signals from your mind asking for your attention.

Sit with them, understand them, and in this act of acceptance, you create a space for healing and transformation.

Step 2: Affirm

After acknowledging your resistance, you're now ready to affirm your ability to change.

Affirmations are like the compass that guides you through the wilderness of uncertainty.

They are your declarations of self-belief, resilience, and courage.

For instance, you could say to yourself: "I am open to change, and I navigate it with grace and confidence."

Repeat this affirmation every day, feel it resonate within you, and gradually, you will start embodying this power.

Step 3: Visualize

Finally, it's time to visualize the change you aspire to see in your life.

Imagine you're an artist, and your mind is your canvas.

Paint a vivid picture of your desired outcome.

Feel it, touch it, immerse yourself in it.

As Ernest Holmes beautifully said, "Change your thinking, change your life."

Your visualization is not just an act of imagination but a powerful alignment of your thoughts and emotions, preparing you for the manifestation of your dreams.

To recap: Acknowledge your resistance, like recognizing a fallen log on your path.

Use affirmations as your compass through uncertainty.

Finally, visualize your desired outcome, painting it on the canvas of your mind.

In closing, let's look at the spring unfolding around us.

Consider the unassuming flowers.

They did not resist the bloom, they did not fear the exposure, they simply trusted the process and the divine intelligence at work.

The birds did not fret over their songs; they sang them, trusting their inherent melody.

The earth did not doubt the arrival of spring; it welcomed the renewal, trusting its natural rhythm.

My dear friends, as we navigate the transformations in our lives, let's strive to embody this trust and faith in the divine intelligence within us.

Like the spring, we too are beautifully designed for renewal and growth.

Embrace change, and watch as your life blossoms into a vibrant spring garden, abundant with possibilities.

Remember, you are loved, you are supported, and you are divinely guided.

Embrace the journey, embrace the change, and let's create a springtime of our own within our hearts and minds!

With warmth and love,

Rev. Jackie Holland

Senior Minister -

The Center for Spiritual Living | Boise, Idaho

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