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Let Us Pray!

Call In, Clarify, Manifest, And Heal


The Practitioners Corner

Harness the incredible power of prayer in manifesting your desires, healing, and spiritual growth. At our center, we believe in the efficacy of prayers. If you have something you wish to call in, clarify, manifest, or heal, our dedicated prayer practitioners are here to support you. Simply reach out to us with your request, and our practitioners will hold your intention in prayer for an entire month. Allow the loving and focused energy of our practitioners to amplify your intentions and bring forth the desired outcomes.

Lisa Compton, RScP | | (208)891-6714

With a radiant spirit and unwavering faith, Lisa Compton serves as a devoted practitioner at CSL Boise. Her genuine compassion and deep understanding of the Science of Mind principles create a supportive environment for individuals seeking healing and spiritual growth. Through her affirming prayers, she empowers others to tap into their inner wisdom and embrace a life of joy and abundance.

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Deborah Whitman, RScP | | (208)342-0111

A compassionate and dedicated practitioner, Deborah Whitman brings her deep understanding of spiritual principles to her work at CSL Boise. With a gentle presence and profound wisdom, she holds sacred space for individuals seeking healing and transformation, offering heartfelt prayers that inspire and uplift.

Donna Sheedy, RScP | | (206)226-9687

Donna Sheedy's presence as a practitioner at CSL Boise emanates love and kindness. With a compassionate heart and a deep connection to Spirit, she holds sacred space for individuals, offering powerful prayers that support their journey towards healing, self-discovery, and spiritual empowerment.

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Jo Hughes, RScP | | (303)598-8426

As a seasoned practitioner, Loretta Knowles combines her spiritual insight and nurturing nature to support others on their journey of self-discovery. Her intuitive guidance and connection to the Divine provide a safe and loving space for individuals to explore their spiritual potential and experience the power of affirmative prayer.

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Diana Anderson, RScP | | (952)766-3503

A gifted practitioner at CSL Boise, Diana Anderson shines her light brightly, igniting the flame of transformation within others. With her intuitive guidance and heartfelt prayers, she lovingly supports individuals in aligning with their divine essence, unlocking their potential, and manifesting a life of purpose, joy, and abundance.

Diana Anderson - Prac


Submit Your Prayers Here

**You're prayers are always private and never shared**

Great! We have received your prayers and will be holding space and energy in privacy for the fulfillment of your desires. Thank you!

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MAY 2024

Spiritual Mind Treatment

In this sacred moment, I recognize the presence of the Divine, the One Power, the Source of all life and abundance. I know that this Power flows through every member, ministry, volunteer, and musician of CSL Boise, creating a tapestry of unity and spiritual growth.

I acknowledge that within each individual, there is a spark of infinite potential. I see the members, their hearts radiating with joy and peace, as they gather together, forming a loving community that uplifts and supports one another. I witness the ministry, standing tall as beacons of light, guiding the way towards spiritual awakening and transformation. I recognize the dedication of the volunteers, their selfless acts of service igniting a flame of compassion and making a profound difference in the lives they touch. I honor the musicians, their melodies and harmonies resonating deep within, uplifting the spirit and creating an atmosphere of divine connection.

In this moment, I affirm the unbreakable bond between each member, ministry, volunteer, and musician. I visualize them coming together as a vibrant tapestry, interwoven with love, respect, and support. Their energies blend harmoniously, creating a powerful force that reverberates throughout the community and beyond. I see them collaborating with ease and joy, their collective efforts manifesting miracles and inspiring transformative growth.

I declare that health is their birthright, and vitality courses through every cell of their bodies. I see the members radiating vibrant well-being, their bodies strong, resilient, and filled with energy. Prosperity flows abundantly, like a majestic river, nourishing each member's material needs and allowing them to thrive in all aspects of life. I affirm that abundance is their natural state, and financial resources pour effortlessly into their lives, supporting their dreams and aspirations.

With deep gratitude, I give thanks for the blessings already present in the lives of the members, ministry, volunteers, and musicians. I celebrate their unity, their unwavering commitment to spiritual growth, and their contributions to the community. I express gratitude for the health, prosperity, and abundance that continue to expand, bringing joy and fulfillment to their journeys.

I release this treatment into the Law, knowing that it is already done. I surrender any doubts or limitations, trusting that the Universe lovingly supports and manifests this vision. I release it with love, faith, and the utmost certainty, knowing that the Divine Power within each member, ministry, volunteer, and musician is already aligning circumstances, opening doors, and bringing forth the highest good for all.

And so it is. Amen.

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