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Our Future Leaders

Welcome To The Youth Church!


Check In Your Youth!

Our Youth Ministry at CSL Boise supports children and teenagers on their spiritual journey. With engaging and age-appropriate programs, we provide a nurturing space for their growth. We foster a sense of belonging, encourage self-expression, and explore values like compassion and mindfulness. Our dedicated team empowers young minds, guiding them through challenges and helping them discover their potential. Through interactive activities and service opportunities, we cultivate resilience and a strong moral compass. Join us in creating a transformative space where our youth can flourish, embracing their unique paths and creating a more loving world.

"The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and their potential is unlimited. By investing in their growth and development, we create a bright future for all."

- Ernest Holmes; Founder of The Science of Mind


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Welcome to our Tot's Ministry at CSL Boise. Created for children aged 0-5, this loving space nurtures their innate spirituality through stories, songs, and creative play. While you explore our services and activities, our experienced caregivers foster a foundation of kindness, love, and respect in your little ones, paving the way for lifelong spiritual growth.


At the Center for Spiritual Living Boise, our Children's Church offers a nurturing environment for 6-9 year-olds. With engaging lessons, creative activities, and group discussions, we stimulate curiosity and foster spiritual growth. While you attend services, your children explore fundamental spiritual values in an inclusive and supportive setting, making friends and developing a robust spiritual foundation.

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Our Pre-Teen Program empowers 11-13 year-olds on their unique spiritual journey. Focusing on self-discovery, community engagement, and spiritual exploration, we guide pre-teens through this pivotal stage of life. As you participate in services, your pre-teens delve into thought-provoking discussions and activities that build confidence and strengthen their spiritual identity.

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Join the Teen Ministry at the Center for Spiritual Living Boise, where we inspire 14-19 year-olds to navigate their spiritual journey confidently. We provide a platform for self-expression, community service, and deep spiritual exploration. While you enjoy our services, your teens engage in enriching discussions and activities that foster resilience, compassion, and spiritual maturity.

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